Torch is a code to simulate coupled gas and N-body dynamics in astrophysical systems such as newly forming star clusters. It combines the FLASH code for gas dynamics and the ph4 code for direct N-body evolution via the AMUSE framework. An introduction to Torch is given by Wall et al. 2019ApJ...887...62W and arXiv:2003.09011, as well as Joshua Wall's Ph.D thesis (pdf mirror).

Torch is distributed as an open-source Bitbucket repository. It is a new code in active development; contributions and bug reports are welcome.

To start using Torch, here is a quickstart guide adapted from a workshop held 2019 August 28-30.

You can join the Torch mailing list to discuss Torch usage and development.

We are grateful for support from NASA grant no. NNX14AP27G and NSF grant no. 1815461.