Torch is a code to simulate coupled gas and N-body dynamics in astrophysical systems such as newly forming star clusters. It combines the FLASH code for gas dynamics and the ph4 code for direct N-body evolution via the AMUSE framework. An introduction to Torch is given by Wall et al. 2019ApJ...887...62W and 2020ApJ...904..192W, as well as Joshua Wall's Ph.D thesis (pdf mirror).

Torch is distributed as an open-source Bitbucket repository. It is a new code in active development; contributions and bug reports are welcome.

To start using Torch, here is a quickstart guide adapted from a workshop held 2019 August 28-30.

You can join the Torch mailing list to discuss Torch usage and development.

There are several research papers that utilize the Torch framework.



Torch is also a central part of several PhD and MSc theses:

The Torch project is supported by NASA grant no. NNX14AP27G and NSF grant no. 1815461.